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Premier Is

Our ice cream is made from cream – You can taste it.
  • Premier Is
  • Sennelsvej 1
  • 7700 Thisted
  • Denmark

Premier Is in Thisted was founded in 1933 by dairyman Sigurd Laurids Sørensen, one of the first Danes to learn the proud craft of ice cream production.
Since our foundation, our ambition has been to create ice cream in a league of its own. As one of the oldest Danish ice cream dairies, we see it as a matter of course that our ice cream is made with respect for the ancient traditions of our craft. This has been our guiding principle from the beginning – and remains so today.

Our ice cream is made from cream – You can taste it
We believe that ice cream must be based on cream. Therefore, we take pride in maintaining our original recipes, where ice cream is based on fresh cream, stirred to perfection and mixed with just the right quality ingredients. Our ice cream should be for everyone, and because of that we also produce high quality organic and vegan ice cream.

Did you know?

  • The ice cream dairy in Thy receives 1,000 tons of fresh cream every year
  • In addition to the cream, we use
  • 500 tons of liquid chocolate annually
  • 15 million cornets and tubs for our boat-shaped Isbåde per year

The ice cream dairy in Thy
Our ice cream dairy in Thy is Denmark’s largest with an area of 53,000 m². The dairy itself covers 7,800 m² and employs 60 to 90 employees. We have 8 production lines and 1 mix setup.

Did you know? 2.5 million chewing gum noses are put on the Isbjørn every year. Also: In the production of our favorite, ASTRONAUT, we use 15 tonnes of wine gum astronauts every year.

Green ice cream production?
Is green ice cream production possible? Perhaps it will be in the future. Today, we do everything we can to make our production greener. Our focus is on selecting the right partners and, with them, creating products that leave a limited carbon footprint. We are not there yet, but an increased focus and many new initiatives in 2020 mean that we are on the right track.
Our production waste is sold to biogas plants, and is thus converted into green
energy. Wastewater is pH neutralised before discharge into wastewater treatment
Our biggest CO2 impact comes from our electricity consumption. Therefore, we
have chosen Ørsted as our supplier. Ørsted has a green profile, high ambitions
and was just named the world’s greenest energy company.
Plastic packaging
According to legislation, packaging that comes into contact with our ice cream
must be produced from virgin plastic. We only use clean pure packaging types,
i.e. we avoid laminates, and our packaging can thus be recycled when sorted
correctly. Over the course of 2020, all our packaging will be given instructions
for sorting, so that together, we can take responsibility for recycling.