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Transforming nordic fruits, berries and herbs into premium spirits

We strive for high quality, working to make smooth, classic and adventurous spirits.
  • Nordisk Brænderi ApS
  • Hjortdalvej 227
  • 9670 Fjerritslev
  • Denmark

An Arctic expedition
Nordisk Brænderi is a Danish family-driven micro distillery located at the windy coast in Northern Denmark. The distillery is founded and managed by engineer and adventurer, Anders Bilgram, who lead a pioneering expedition around the Arctic ocean. During these adventures, Anders became passionate about translating his adventurous personality and love for nature into hand-crafted premium spirits. In 2009, this became a reality and Nordisk Brænderi started its own adventure. Now, the distillery produces a wide range of products – organic aquavit, white spirits (snaps), eau-de-vie, organic vodka and gins (a few organic between), and it produces several special brands for other companies.

The art of distillation
Today, all products are craft distilled on handmade German Müller copper pot stills. The pot stills are fitted with state-of-the-art columns that are designed to fully extract complex flavours of the unique botanicals we use in all our products.

The love for nature and adventure
We strive for high quality, working to make smooth, classic and adventurous spirits. We handpick our botanicals locally, we mash locally and we distill locally. This means that the batches might differ slightly from each other, since the taste of the botanicals can differ in relation to the time of the year that the botanicals are picked. All products are heavily inspired by the unique nature of Northern Denmark. Our water flows straight from a spring within a stone cast of our front door. Our apples and pears are grown, picked, and pressed less than fifty miles south in Denmark. This is what we mean by local distilling, and this is what we do.

Great craftsmanship
During the past couple of years our craftsmanship has been internationally acknowledged. Several of our products have won medals, and the distillery has been awarded by Distillery of the Year 2015 and Aquavit Distillery of the Year 2016.