Nordic fish sauce – exceptionally delicate!

Montenegro Sea Food was established in 2015 and started up the production of North Fish Sauce.
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About Montenegro Sea Food
Montenegro Sea Food was established in 2015 and started up the production of North Fish Sauce. In the years prior to that, extensive research was made into production methods and commodities, so the production of our fish sauce is now based on thoroughly tested principles using sprat as the commodity, which is by the way also termted Nordic Anchovy.

Nordic Fish Sauce is exceptionally delicate
The taste of this fish is exceptionally delicate and mild, making it extremely suitable for the production of fish sauce. Montenegro Sea Food is family-owned, meaning that all links in the production chain are followed with the greatest personal commitment.

First-class fish sauce
To produce a first-class fish sauce high-quality commodities are a must. At Montenegro Sea Food we solely produce from freshly caught winter sprat caught in the North Sea and the westerly part of the Limfjord. We record exactly where the fish is caught. And we ensure full traceability for the origin of the finished product. The quality of the fish is checked already upon the ship’s arrival, and the fish is immediately processed to further ensure optimum product quality. Fish and salt will then ferment for up to 18 months in a natural enzymatic process. The product which solely consists of fish and salt is consequently free from additives of any description.

The finished product, North Fish Sauce, is the result of a special filtration/straining and extraction process. As a result of the fresh commodity and the long ageing process our fish sauce is quite unique both in terms of its savour and mild aroma. The strictest control and hygiene requirements apply throughout the production process thus ensuring the highest level of food safety. Our production standards are all subject to the rules and regulations of the Danish and European food authorities.

We took the best of Asian cuisine
Fish sauce is used almost daily in the Asian cuisine as an enhancer and salt. Fish sauce can also be used to advantage in many dishes from all over the world. In the future our website will suggest recipes that use fish sauce as an ingredient. North Fish Sauce has a shelf life of minimum 24 months (two years) from the date of manufacture.

After opening we recommend using the sauce within 12 months and keeping it in the refrigerator. Salt crystals may occur as a sediment in the bottle. This does not affect the quality and taste of the sauce.

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