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This is Danish

And it is actually quite simple. Sparkling water. Alcohol. And the natural flavour. That´s it.
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  • Denmark

Well, okay, not exactly. Because we are quite passionate about it. And we spend a lot of time to develop the different flavours. Nevertheless, we are Danish, after all, so we are quite humble about it. But okay then. If we have to brag a little, DANSK is extremely refreshing, a lighter alternative and perfect for social gatherings. But you probably figured that out already.

And by the way, this is the boring part:

1 can = 4% alcohol, 100 kcal, and natural ingredients.

However, we are really proud of our products and we think they taste amazing. Well, that is probably a no brainer, when it comes from the people who made them.
But hey, you should try them. Maybe you will like them as well?

Let us introduce our drinks:

  • Rosehip and thyme: Dry but fresh sparkling water with a hint of thyme. Goes perfectly with salmon and a green salad. Or scallops. We love scallops.
  • Pear and orangeflower: Fruity and refreshing sparkling water. Perfect to share at the beach. Or not to share at all. At the beach.
  • A sour but yet mild flavour of redcurrant but with a spark of ginger. Perfect for parties. Definitely festivals!