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High quality coffee

Farm Mountain Coffee stands for high quality coffee, giving you an extraordinary taste experience.
  • Danish Coffee & Tea
  • Scandiasporet 37
  • 8930 Randers NØ
  • Denmark

Behind our raw materials, you can find the authenticity and souls of human faces, who grow some of the best coffee available, classified as 1st cru coffee beans.

The coffee beans are grown in the mountainsides of Mount Elgons in Uganda, Bududa, Sironko, Kapchorwa and Malawi. Farm Mountain Coffee has a high level of engagement with the farmers and is constantly working with them to improve farming systems and re-establish the rainforest by planting shadow giving trees. The trees are beneficial to coffee growing and are at the same time preventing mudslides as a result of deforestation.

We have developed 15 different kinds of coffee and we are also working on developing some new variants. The notes of chocolate, caramel and licorice are some of the notes you can find in our coffee.

By coffee lovers for coffee lovers

The scent. The taste. The soul and the face of the people behind the raw produce – that’s where Farm mountain’s universe begins. Fresh ingredients. Gently roasted. Notes of Highland coffee with a very special aroma and a rich and velvety taste that you will never forget. The coffee beans from our roastery in Randers come directly from our 933 farming families living on the hillsides in Uganda.

The raw produce is treated with the greatest respect possible – this is a prerequisite for making all our flavors absolutely perfect. We roast he coffee by hand in small portions as a Slow Roast – this means that the beans are roasted for approx. 16 minutes, depending on how dark the coffee should be. This ensures that the aromas of the coffee beans develop optimally. When the coffee is roasted, it is ground into espresso coffee and hand-brewed on espresso by either Hans or Lars.

This is the recipe for perhaps the world’s best ICED espresso.