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Sustainable packaging for a greener future

Where do you stand on sustainability? By choosing 100% recyclable packaging material for your products, your company makes a difference to the environment.
  • Companized
  • Bygaden 15
  • 4320 Lejre
  • Denmark

We design and manufacture sustainable packaging that sharpens the image and boost the sales for our clients. We strive to use recyclable materials to produce some of the most sustainable packaging materials on the market.

Companized is a small family driven company with a successful team of employees who are dedicated to securing our clients the best quality and functionality in every manner.

Guarantee for great quality
We work with industry leading FMCG brands and drive loyalty and sales in domestic, on-trade and Duty Free/Travel Retail markets in the Nordic and Baltic region.
Companized is registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Therefore we are subject to regular checks with respect to legislation on wholesale trade and food contact materials.

Metal recycles forever
All metal products bear the common European recycling logo for metal – “METAL recycles forever™”. This shows that our clients have taken a stand to reduce the global consumption of resources.