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Our super grain flour is made from spent beer grain – one of the biggest side streams in the beer brewing industry.
  • Agrain v/Circular Food Technology
  • Pilestræde 35B, 1. sal
  • 1112 København K
  • Denmark

About Agrain

Agrain was founded in 2018.

We upcycle spent beer grain from craft breweries and transform it into super grain flour.
Super grain flour can be used as an ingredient in bread, pasta, and other baked goods. It adds beautiful colours and unique aromas to your food.
Super grain flour is packed with nutrition. It contains 20% protein and 50% dietary fiber.
For every kg of super grain flour from Agrain, 2m² of agricultural land can be saved.
Our process is gentle both to the grains and to the planet. Our process is gentle both to the grains and the planet!
CO² emissions from our production are production are 0.59 CO²eq per kg of flour *

Our products

We make super grain flour from Pilsner, IPA, Stout and Whisky. Use it as an ingredient in bread, paste and other baked goods.
Besides the super grain flour we also produce crisps (comes in three variants); granola (comes in two variants); crackers (comes in two variants); and baking mixes (rye bread and tea rolls). Super grain flour is used as an ingredient in all of our products.


*(unpacked) Calculations made by third party agency (RE-VIU)