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Bornholm Spirits

With dedication from the first taste to production and storytelling – we aim to deliver high-quality spirits to the market.
  • Bornholm Spirits
  • Sdr Hammer 156
  • 3730 Nexø
  • Denmark

We work with organic ingredients and our raw materials are carefully selected. Ever since the first sample bottles were served at the lunch table, the desire to make the best and most innovative products has been high on the agenda.

With production on the island Bornholm and head office in Copenhagen, we desire to become the largest producer of organic Danish quality spirits and our bring our spirits abroad and get international recognition.

Our first bottle was sold on October 14, 2016 and we conti- nue yo stimulate curiosity and the senses, as well as develop proud traditions with a modern touch, to create spirits of the finest quality with high demand and internation aspects.

With customers in Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany and more we aim to bring the best of the Danish Spirtis to the rest of the world.

Ecology is an important ingredient. It is about the path to a more sustainable lifestyle full of sensuality, taste impres- sions, and good experiences. Therefore, are most of our in- gredients are organic, we believe you can taste the difference.