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BIGFOOD – driving food innovation

We deliver a wide range of cheeses, dressings, and vegan (plant based) products to B2B customers (Retailer, Foodservice, Industry) within the European market.
  • BIGFOOD Danmark
  • Havnegade 3
  • 5700 Svendborg
  • Denmark


BIGFOOD Danmark was established in 2010 together with partners in Germany.

Our Cheeses are selected and imported from dairies all over Europe. Dressings, Dips, Sauces are produced at our own IFS-certified factory near Hamburg. The Vegan products are special developed together with various partners.

All products are stored in Hamburg and from there packed/shipped to our customers. Beside our office in Svendborg, Denmark, we have offices in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Warsaw and Lyon.

Our Products Range

CHEESE: Our range cover all kind of categories, like; Hard cheese, Soft cheese, Moulded cheese, Spread cheese, Grated cheese, Shredded cheese, and Sliced cheese.
We develop and create new cheeses together with the dairies and bring news into the cheese world.
Every second month we distribute our Cheese Catalogue, informing about news, assortment, exhibitions, etc. Please visit our website:

DRESSING: Dressings, Dips, Sauces and Desserts are branded under “Optimahl Cleanline” – “Optimahl Starline” – “Optimahl Joyline”.
A high quality range of more than 200 chilled, fresh and natural products. Available in size from 30 gram cups or bags and up to 1000 kg containers.
“Optimahl Cleanline” means Clean Label (= No preservatives, No artificial colors, No artificial flavor). “Optimahl Starline” and “Optimahl Joyline” are our innovative range build on trends and customer wishes. Most part of our products are allergen free = Gluten free, Lactose free, without eggs, etc. Please visit our websiter:

VEGAN:  Our Plant based brand “bedda” contains cheese alternatives,  dressings, mayo, cream, and oat drink. The range is constantly growing.
Our vegan assortment are soya free, gluten free, no preservatives, lactose free and no palm oil. Please visit our website: